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E-Z Weld Chemical Resistant Gray is a heavy bodied, medium set CPVC Solvent Cement. This cement is part of our Industrial Grade line of products. This cement is formulated for use on all classes and schedules of PVC/uPVC and CPVC pipe and fittings with interference fit up to 12" (315 mm) diameter. It may also be used on small diameter pipes and fittings. Industrial strength cement specifically designed for use on PVC / uPVC and CPVC piping systems carrying acids, bases, salts and hypochlorites. When joining large diameter pipe & fittings the use of primers is highly recommended.

CPVC Cements
32° F—110° F
SCH 40:
up to 12"
SCH 80:
up to 12"

Available Sizes

2 oz.

118 ml Can

4 oz.

237 ml Can

16 oz.

473 ml Can

32 oz.

946 ml Can

128 oz.

3.78 l Can


CORZAN**** Industrial Grade Line of Products Gray, heavy body, CPVC cement for use on pipe and fittings up to 12” (315 mm) diameter Industrial strength cement specifically designed for use on PVC / uPVC and CPVC piping systems carrying acids, bases, salts and hypochlorites Meets ASTM D2846 and F493 For superior joint use with E-Z Weld Primer, Purple (No.212) or Clear (No. 211). Never add thinner or additive. Never use the cement if it is stringy or jelly like. Always follow instructions on the label. The ASTM has developed the following schedule and may be used as a guide (for relative humidity 60% or less. Sch. 40 size pipe.) eg. a 2” pipe size joint made at 55°F, 50% Relative Humidity and a test pressure of 100 psi would require a cure time of 4 hrs.

Usage Temperature

32° F—110° F

Storage Temperature

45° F—110° F

Shelf Life

3 years (unopened can)

Safety Precautions

Ensure adequate ventilation to avoid vapor build up which may cause flash fire. Vapor build up may also cause dizziness, headaches or eye watering. If symptoms are experienced use respiratory protection (NOISH/MSHA TC 23 c or equivalent) or leave are and provide more fresh air. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing by use of safety glasses and gloves. Professionals should consult ASTM Standard F 402-93 Safe Handling of Solvent Cements, Primers and Cleaners Used for Joining Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings. Professional users should also read the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product.


Flush eyes thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Get immediate medical attention.


If breathing is difficult vacate to fresh air. If breathing problems persist seek immediate medical attention.


If swallowed give 1 or 2 glasses of water immediately, call physician, hospital or poison control immediately. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING.

Quality Assurance

Every batch of cement is carefully checked and monitored to assure consistently high quality standards. Records of every batch are kept. All ingredients are purchased from approved suppliers. This cement has passed the following test (performed in accordance with ASTM Std. F493)

Hydrostatic Burst

400 PSI after 2hour cure time at 73° F

Lap Shear

Shipping Information

Material packaged in less than a liter size is exempted under "Limited Quantity Rules" by DOT. These packages may be shipped with the description ORM-D Consumer Commodity. Packages shipped under this description are not subject to shipping paper requirements for flammable materials.

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